The Vanir Foundation is often featured in the news thanks to all the philanthropic work they do. Most recently, they received much media attention thanks to their early literacy programs, which wouldn’t have been possible without the support of our sponsors.

Newsworthy Award For Vanir FoundationAt the Mother of Sorrows School in California, the organization helped sponsor a program to promote early literacy with the many families that attend the school. Because the program was so successful, The National Catholic Education Association decided it was time to officially recognized the organization for the program’s success. The program was originally started by April Garcia, who is now the former Assistant Principal of the school. Under the program, both toddlers and parents met every week to both read and write in English, as well as Spanish. Incredibly, after just 10 weeks, the toddlers in the program were able to increase their early literacy skills incredibly! Because of these significant improvements, the Vanir Foundation was proudly honored with the recognition that so many often say it deserves.

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