Board of Directors

The Vanir Foundation’s Board of Directors is currently made up of 13 high qualified people that continue to move the organization forward on a daily basis. Without the Board of Directors, the organization would just not be able to achieve as much as it does. Below are the 13 Board of Director Members for the Vanir Foundation:

1. Dorene Dominguez, Chair
2. Maria del Pilar Avila, Director
3. Gilberto Cardenas, Director
4. Teri Cruz, Director
5. Susan Dominguez, Director
6. Phil Fuentes, Director
7. Lawrence Garcia, Director
8. John Kuprenas, Director
9. Alexander Leon, Director
10. Vincent McLaughlin, Director
11. George Opacic, Director
12. Ciriaco “Cid” Pinedo, Director
13. Corinne Tapia, Director