Getting To Know Henry Schein

When you take a trip to the dentist’s office or take your pet to the vet, you can expect to come across one of Henry Schein’s products. A staggering 1.3 million doctors, dentists, and veterinarians depend on Henry Schein’s medical equipment and supplies. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the company is at the forefront of healthcare products and services.

With a large part of the company in North Carolina, including some of their best dental supplies sales reps in Raleigh, NC, a huge part of the company’s success is its Amazon-like logistical expertise that goes hand in hand with the comprehensive database of a consulting firm. Stanley Bergman, CEO of Henry Schein, explains that the goal of the company isn’t to be the number one seller of face masks. Rather, the goal is to help medical professionals perform at a much more efficient rate. Their business model revolves around helping health care providers run their practices safely, effectively and profitably. This level of dental expertise can be seen in how their local sales representatives help each and ever Raleigh Dentist to achieve outstanding levels of success.

Last month, Bergman celebrated his 25th anniversary as CEO of the company. During the early years of his leadership, Henry Schein was a small supplier of dental equipment, providing the supplies via mail-order within the borders of the US. Today, it’s a multinational company that has climbed its way to the Fortune 500, currently sitting at No. 243.

The exponential growth of the company is truly amazing. It went public in 1995 and hasn’t experienced a decline in revenue since then. The compound annual growth rate of the company is 16%. According to analysts, the company will enjoy $10 billion in sales in 2014 alone.

Henry Schein Logo
Henry Schein Cares About North Carolina

Health Care Enters The Digital Era

Henry Schein of Raleigh, North Carolina embraces technology in everything it does. Medical practitioners have become tech-savvy, using innovative tools to perform more efficiently than ever. Digital X-rays, for one, enable dentists to maintain an electronic record of patients while assessing potential issues at the same time. This technology is now found in 65% of dental offices, a huge increase compared to 10% just a decade ago. Henry Schein knows that much room is left for improvement, prompting the company to invest in new products and education initiatives that capitalize on technological advancements in medicine. They have also partnered with dental marketing companies like Dental Marketing Experts to help the dentists they server to get more patients.

Continuous Growth

The company now has business operations in 28 countries, and it’s expected to expand even further moving forward. A testament to this is the company’s investment in Japan, which boasts of the second largest dental market in the world. Plenty of opportunities can be found overseas, and Henry Schein knows they can grow their market share even more. Their continuous global expansion has also enabled them to negotiate with manufacturers and come up with higher-margin offerings, which span different services including financial services, office design, and medical supplies.

Returning To The Community

The company has a nonprofit initiative called Henry Schein Cares. Bergman believes in “Doing well by doing good,” a saying made famous by Benjamin Franklin. With its global supply chain and virtually limitless stock of medical necessities, the company can provide supplies to countries in desperate need in quick fashion. You can expect them to donate emergency supplies every time a disaster strikes. Recently, protective gear amounting to $1 million was donated by Henry Schein to countries affected by Ebola, doing its fair share to help in controlling the outbreak.

What Animals Eat Bed Bugs?

In North Carolina, bed bugs, which are also known as Cimex Lectularius, are basically parasites that have been known to feed on human blood. Therefore, as you could pretty much draw the conclusion, this kind of an infestation would not be something that you would welcome with open arms, whether you live in North Carolina or not. In fact, you would do all that you could to make sure that bed bugs would not be able to take control over your home.

Therefore, if you find yourself to be suffering from an infestation of bed bugs in Durham NC or in Raleigh NC, you might wonder how you would be able to get rid of them in a natural manner. Even though pesticides have been found to be pretty effective in treating an army of bed bugs, they also usually tend to contain many harmful chemicals. So even though you might be successful in getting rid of bed bugs, your health might be negatively impacted as a result. Now that would definitely not be a trade that you would be willing to make.

Hence, unless you can find a pest control company that uses eco-friendly and organic products like EcoTek Termite and Pest Control, then the smarter solution would be to look at a couple of options of how you would naturally be able to get rid of bed bugs. To know more, take a look below.

Bed Bugs Do Have Enemies

The good news is that according to the EPA, bed bugs do have enemies. This is because they have many natural predators such as pharaoh ants, cone nosed insects, and American cockroaches. Certain spiders have also been known to kill bed bugs.

The reason why cockroaches have been termed to be wonderful predators of bed bugs is because they could help you to get rid of bed bugs before the problem escalates. However, the problem with using natural predators would be that you would then need to get rid of these predators later on. Secondly, Durham bed bugs are usually pretty great at seeking out hiding places. As a result, you might be able to find them in the most unusual of places. These would usually include cracks and crevices. Again, these would not be places that you would like the cockroaches to get in as well since killing them would then become a difficult task.

Durham NC Bed Bug Infestation

What Insects Kill Bed Bugs?

As detailed on Yelp and the Yellow Pages, some of the insects in North Carolina which have been known to effectively kill bed bugs are as follows:

  • Argentine ants
  • Pharaoh ants
  • European imported fire ant
  • Marked bed bug hunter
  • Delicate assassin bug
  • Tropical fire ant
  • Wind scorpion
  • Pyemotes mites

Will bed bugs be able to spread diseases?

Until quite recently, it was known that bed bugs were not able to spread diseases. However, according to research done at Duke University in Durham, NC which has been conducted by certain experts, it has been found that bed bugs would indeed be able to spread bacterial diseases in humans. This makes the entire matter all the more frightening.

Therefore, when it comes to dealing with bed bugs, it is extremely important to vacuum, clean, and remain vigilant at all times. This would definitely help in keeping bed bugs at bay and also preventing the situation from spiraling out of control.