H. Frank Dominguez believed whole heartedly in the power of education his whole life. While attending his son’s graduation from Notre Dame University, he was moved by Peter Ueberroth’s challenge for all fellow graduates to give something back to their former grammar schools. Dominguez immediately decided to get in touch with Burbank Elementary, the school he was reared in. His first idea was to increase the involvement that parents had with their children’s school by providing them with food baskets as an incentive. He also did his best to encourage as many students as possible to try their hardest and aim for as much success as they could muster. Thanks to his dedication, there is now an H. Frank Dominguez Elementary School located in San Bernardino, naturally named in his honor.

Dominguez was undoubtedly one of the most successful business men from the area, but he was every bit as passionate about giving back to the community as he was his day job. It was his belief that everyone owed it to themselves to give back in order to help build everyone else that may be struggling up. He was also especially interested in aiding the betterment of education for future generations. He felt that the only true measure of success was ultimately in how much a person managed to help others, especially through education. Mr. Dominguez passed away in 2004, just a few days after reasserting his resolute belief in this ethical code.

In order to continue on his altruism, Dorene Dominguez (his daughter) founded the Vanir Foundation soon after. It goes without saying that H. Frank Dominguez felt that education was at the forefront of improving society as a whole. Through the Vanir Foundation, his legacy has been able to continue helping push forward the aspirations of others and keeping children inspired to pursue their dreams.